Improving Mental Clarity whilst Working From Home

Improving Mental Clarity whilst Working From Home

Working from home during the pandemic has introduced a new flow to our daily routines.  The following article aims to shed some light upon how to keep our minds quiet and clear throughout the days indoors. 

Start Each Morning with Exercise

Simply getting the blood flowing for 20 minutes will sufficiently spark our mind and help us develop stronger focus throughout the day.⁠

Don't Break our Fast too Early

Outside of the benefits to our metabolism and fat loss, intermittent fasting can help to obtain focus as our body is not contributing precious energy digesting foods all of the time.⁠ ⁠

Get More (Good) Fats in Your Diet

Our brain needs lots of good fat to function properly. Nuts, avocados, eggs, and coconut oil are all great ways to get healthy fats into our diet and help our brain run more smoothly.⁠ ⁠

Use Nootropic Herbs

Nootropic ingredients can aid the reduction of brain fog, cloudy-headedness, afternoon fatigue, and sleep disruption by preventing the breakdown of adrenal hormones such as cortisol. We recommend our "5HTP" nootropic supplement alongside our mild cognitive, natural, nootropic formula.⁠ ⁠

Focus on Being and Not Doing

After our day's work "productive zone" Replace our "To Do Lists" with "To Be Lists".  

Get Enough Sleep

Nothing will ruin our focus more than consistent sleep deprivation.⁠ ⁠ Some of the most successful individuals attribute much of the rejuvenation period. Try and get a minimum of 7 hours of high quality sleep per night minimum.⁠ Rest is where the magic happens and rejuvenation is so key. 

Fight the Sugar Cravings 

Working from home during the pandemic comes with more than a few disruptions, including being in very close proximity to the fridge!

We have included several suggestions below on how to eat healthily throughout the day and fight the sugar cravings whilst working from home. 

  • If it is possible, try not to work in the kitchen. Attempt to set up your work area in a zone that is not close to the kitchen. You may be enticed to hit the freezer for the jerry's (for the 10th time) if it's continually in your line of vision.
  • Have healthy snacks readily prepared and on standby.  Plan snack and supper times and deal with food like we would in the workplace.  Peppers and humous and a handful of nuts are great snacks to have on standby.
  • It is great practice to be able to identify craving signs as apposed to hunger. Fighting cravings can in the long term can lead to a boost in our sharpness and efficiency.
  • Above all else, hydrate! Drink a lot of water. Dehydration can prompt migraines and exhaustion, which are both terrible for our productivity. Keep a water bottle close by and sip regularly. 
  • Be cautious about consuming excessive amount of caffeine. Overdoing the caffeine has been known to cause migraines, uneasiness, stomach related problems and even weariness –horrible bi-products when we're attempting to work. Attempt a maximum of two cups each day and opt for organic sources where possible.
  • You may be enticed to keep working through your mid-day break. But don't do it! Being pre-occupied during eating can prompt over-eating and diminish satiety.  All things being equal, enjoy a reprieve from work to take a seat at a table to make the most of your lunch and unwind for a couple of moments.
  • Portion out snacks and meals before eating, avoid eating out of the pack as an act of self care, making the time for yourself to enjoy your food, mindfully. In regards to portion sizes and meals, a reliable plate technique is filling a plate half full with plant based foods and vegetables, one-fourth the plate with a lean protein (poultry, fish, beans, eggs, tofu, curds or Greek yoghurt) and one-fourth the dish with a high fibre and whole grain foods.

These techniques can help us eat healthily and maintain mental clarity, even whilst working from our own home's comfort.

We hope that you enjoyed your daily Health and Nutrition Fix. 
With love, Beautifully Nourished x 
Dr Ayesha Gulzar, PharmD, Doctor of Pharmacy, Research and Medicine
Editor and Founder: Katherine Elyse Blake, BSC Nutrition, ANutr



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