Herbal Loose Tea Better for Health and Environment

Herbal Loose Tea Better for Health and Environment

We reached out to British Tea Expert, Bethan Thomas and Founder of award winning, HotTea Mama, to share her insight on "why loose tea is better for our wellbeing and the environment than traditional teabags". Bethan, a mum herself, was inspired to support new mums with a natural approach to support pre and post natal bodies - and have since extended the brand offering to cover teas for periods and menopause - to help woman navigate through the wonders of womanhood, with the comfort of a healing tea.

Bethan has an intensive background in the tea industry, with a degree in Tea Science and over 15 years of experience as a tea buyer and blender. Bethan has looked at both the historical use and modern research of tea, and discovered whole leaf, aromatic and flavourful herbs, make delicious and nourishing blends...which have numerous benefits for our wellbeing too! 



Whole leaf tea bags contain a huge amount more of the original nutrients of the tea plant, fruit or herbs, than a dust tea bag.  This is simply because the high surface area of dust tea inside a traditional tea bag mean it is exposed to the air for a long time after processing.  This means it will lose a lot of it’s natural flavour and goodness.

For fruit teas in particular, this is really important.  In a traditional paper tea bag of fruit tea, you will actually find a lot of stalks and then flavour granules.  It’s because it’s impossible to get real fruit into this bag format.  And even if the flavouring is natural, it will not be as good for you as a real piece of fruit, that is still full of vitamins and minerals.

A lot of these traditional tea bags are also very bad for the environment as they have plastic in the glue that seals them.  Whilst all the major companies are slowly changing over, they have taken a long time to do this. In contrast, whole leaf tea is plastic free, as are most whole leaf tea bags. 

At HotTea Mama we pack our tea bags in the UK, and use a special biodegradable material called soilon, which is made from cornstarch and 100% plastic free.  However, companies who pack whole leaf tea bags in Sri Lanka or the USA often still use a material that contains micro-plastics - these actually enter the tea you drink and are terrible for your health and the environment. So it’s important to check these details, as whole leaf tea bags don’t guarantee being plastic free.


I’m a big fan of chamomile based teas at the end of a day.  Chamomile is full of an active compound called linalool which has been shown to really help reduce symptoms of anxiety in research, and is extremely calming.

Night Owl by HotTea Mama is my daily staple, it also contains lavender - also high in linalool, plus valerian root for relaxation (it has been shown to be more effective than a sedative in one study), lime flowers which have traditionally been used to treat insomnia, and a dash of rooibos for flavour balance!  It’s extremely calming and a key part of my evening wind down routine.

But I do swap it out for Over the Moon by HotTeaMama at certain times in my cycle - this is another chamomile based blend that is designed to support periods, PMS and fertility.  It really helps me around, and during, my period, with dandelion root to reduce bloating, rose petals to ease cramping, spearmint to balance estrogen levels, and gingko biloba to improve mood.  It’s a saviour when my hormones dip and I can feel sad - really helping soothe symptoms of PMS and give me a lift.

Visit www.hotteamama.com to discover a wide range of bespoke, natural and caffeine free teas that are gluten free, vegan friendly and carefully selected to help women at various reproductive stages of their lives.



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