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Meet the Female Founder: Lucie Halley of EYO Active

Meet the Female Founder: Lucie Halley of EYO Active

Born in South Wales, Lucie Halley moved to New York when she was in her early twenties to follow her passion to become a fashion designer. Full of drive and excitement she could not have expected a personal accident that would change her life in the best way possible.

She had fallen down an unlit fire exit and broken her feet, kneecap and severely torn her ligaments. She was unable to walk and left physically and mentally broken. On the other side of the world away from her family she decided she had not choice but to heal herself from the trauma.

After a year she went from bed-bound to a wheelchair, to a cane, to finally walking slowly on her own. Whilst her recovery is still ongoing she found daily exercise, yoga and meditation essential for rehabilitation and her mental health.

Lucie created EYO (eye-o), a sustainable activewear brand for women, to empower and inspire women to keep going on their wellbeing journey and to lean on the support of their activewear to rebuild themselves.


Q1. What is your weekly self-care ritual ? 

I honestly believe the biggest act of self care that you can do for yourself is exercise and for me personally, I need that for my mental health more than anything. I try to workout and practice yoga daily but on the weekend when I have more time I like to give myself an extra long yoga session to really stretch myself out. I've also recently really got into my skin care routine and I’m fascinated by Gua Sha. I'm at the age where I’m starting to see fine lines so giving myself 10 minutes a day to massage and focus on my skin has been a lovely way of practicing self love.

Q2. Share a daily fitness tip for beginners?

I’m a HUGE fan of 10 minute youtube workouts. Its a brilliant way of tricking myself into workouts when I really can’t be bothered, I ask myself, do you really not have 10 minuets for spare? Next thing I know Ive done 3. So I would say to start, focus on small sections of time so you don’t feel overwhelmed or intimidated and use the free classes from youtube. My personal favourites are 10 minuet ab blasters and booty burners :)

Q3. Name three things the pandemic made you appreciate about yourself?

I’ve always been someone who appreciates the tiny joys in life in an almost childlike way (going for a walk with me is annoying because I’m always calling out the colours of leaves or smells or talking to strangers), this part of my personality saved me through lockdown because I really focused in on those little things, this is something I have a new appreciation for about myself now and try to share with my friends and family.

I spent lockdown in my husband's home town near the countryside and beach, I've always pictured myself as a city girl having lived in London and New York for the last decade but like many people now, I have a new found appreciation of what the countryside brings and realised how important nature is for your mental health.

And lastly its reminded me how of one of the best things in life is making new friends and talking to strangers. I’m not one of those ’no new friends people’ I think it's incredible that in any moment you can meet someone who is going to become a big part of your life as long as you are open to it. During lockdown I started talking to an 88 year old lady called Jennifer in the park near my house. Now a year on and we still walk together 5 times a week for almost two hours at a time and she has become like family to me all because I complimented her outfit one day.

Q4. Why you think people should choose sustainable activewear over a mass market activewear brand?

By 2050 there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish. We have the technology to create sustainable activewear out of this waste, meaning we can actually clean the oceans while creating premium activewear. Due to greedy profit margins these large sports brands use virgin Nylon, which is highly toxic to produce, plus with sampling and development, they create an immense amount of waste which ends up in our landfills. Shopping sustainable means casting a vote on the type of planet you want to live in. My vote's is to clean up this mess for ourselves and future generations.

Q5. Three tips for female founders starting out with their business in 2021

Research, research, research...Despite having 7 years experience designing for big corporate companies and another 7 years working in retail, once I started researching into small business stuff, I actually didn’t know anywhere near as much as I thought I did.  I spent a year or more on desk research before I launched my brand, there is so much information out there from business books to marketing help to understanding brand identity, find it and absorb it.

Know who your customer is...It’s so important to know who your key customer is, because it can’t and shouldn’t be everyone. Trust me, once you land on who it is, everything else will start to make sense and you will stop worrying about pricing, branding and marketing because you will be able to focus it all to that one person.

Instagram is your friend...I HATED Instagram when I first started EYO. I almost resented it and felt embarrassed to show up in case someone thought I was a twat, but trust me, if you feel like that, get over it because its an amazing FREE marketing tool and its an fantastic way to connect with your customers, no one is going to buy from a brand they don’t trust, and the best way to make someone trust you in to show up, and say hello - instagram is perfect for that.


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