Papaya for Beauty and Glamour - Food Magik Recipe

Papaya for Beauty and Glamour - Food Magik Recipe

The Papaya fruit if so powerful when it comes to infusing beauty, glamour, attraction and colour into our lives.

Papaya consists of enzymes called papain and  chymopapain, which promote healing of the skin, enhance the secretion of collagen and decrease inflammation.

The following recipe can help improve digestion, support the skin, immunity, and call in Beauty over the summer months!

Beauty & the Papaya

Nutrients in Papaya

Papaya - known for it's high nutrient and fibre content - is a fruit filled with many health benefits as well as beauty benefits. It may be both ingested and applied topically. 

Papaya is rich in vitamins such as provitamin A, C, and Phyto vitamin K. In addition to vitamins, it also contains minerals such as magnesium and phosphorus. Magnesium is a very important mineral for women, in which many of us are deficient in. 

Papaya's enzymes papain and chymopapain are present in both raw and ripe papaya and how have been proven capable in decreasing inflammation.

Papaya Skin Care Tips

Papaya can help fight signs of ageing via the enzyme papain which promotes healing of the skin and also enhances the secretion of collagen when used topically. Collagen keeps the skin healthy and enhances skin elasticity. Good collagen supplements help to reduce wrinkles and increase skin hydration.

Other antioxidants in papaya inhibit the production of free radicals, making papaya a great anti-ageing agent. It can also help boost a natural shine and better skin texture.

Benefits of Papaya for Skin

  1. Papaya gives the skin moisture that can help battle dry and flaky skin.  Weekly use of papaya for the skin will help achieve smooth and radiant skin.
  2. Papaya is rich in several antioxidants, including lycopene, which can help reduce damage to the skin cells that are typically caused by free radicals. 
  3. Papaya is often eaten for its digestive benefits which are attributed to the unique enzymes it contains. These same enzymes (namely papain and chymopapain) may be able to reduce skin sensitivity.
  4. Papaya is a natural source of vitamin A, an essential nutrient which the body needs to maintain the skin, eyes, and immune system.  When it comes to the complexion, vitamin A can help stimulate new skin cells, making skin appear smoother and less dry. Papaya extract has long been used in skincare products which are designed to hydrate or minimise the appearance of scarring and stretch marks.
  5. Using papaya for skin can help combat acne and dark circles

    Papaya Magic Recipe:

    1. Calve the papaya in half lengthways and use a teaspoon to scoop out the black papaya seeds.
    2. Sprinkle the Papaya with cinnamon and a drizzle of honey
    3. Inside the scooped out hole, add in one scoop of natural or low fat, greek yoghurt
    4. Fill with your favourite fruits such as kiwi, acai, raspberry, blueberries and grapes.
    5. Sprinkle with sunflower and flax seeds.
    6. Consume every Friday for 9 weeks, setting and envisioning your beauty intention as you eat.

    Your skin will be glowing in no time!

    In Summary

    The foods we consume impact our skin in many different ways. A proper skincare regimen will help you achieve radiant skin through use of a both topical products and nutrient intake.

    There are a lot of foods that can support your skin and provide you with flawless skin. Fruits being one of the food groups! - They are filled with vital nutrients and different properties that are beneficial for the health of your skin and Papaya is absolutely one of them - boosting the ability to achieve glowing skin, glamour and beauty. 

    Rich in vitamin C, papaya is beneficial both to overall health and to the skin.

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