Founder, Katherine Elyse Blake

Katherine leads the Beautifully Nourished Team and began developing her nutritional expertise in 2008, whilst studying for her BSC in Nutrition.  Upon obtainment, Katherine travelled to Kentucky, USA to work within a nutrigenomics centre.  Assessing the interaction between nutrition and health by isolating RNA and detailing the effects that nutrients have upon gene expression profiles, Katherine's focus was upon researching and testing preventative nutrients against type 2 diabetes and gastrointestinal cancers.  It was here that her love for personalised nutrition was born.

In summer, 2012, Katherine packed her bags and moved to London and began interning for an ingredients company, based in central London.  It is here that the Beautifully Nourished vision began to take hold and the seeds for BN had been planted. 

Katherine later enrolled into business school, in Dublin Ireland in the year of 2014.  Alongside her studies, Katherine launched Beautifully Nourished as an online magazine, providing an outlet for nutritional information and began to build a community of Women that shared in the BN ethos.

Upon returning to London, Katherine trained as a product developer at Sainsbury's head-office, Chancery Lane.  With the ambition of self-funding Beautifully Nourished, she took the plunge and set up as a consultant, designing products and product ranges for brands and retailers around the world.  After a "truly amazing stint in consulting, making life long friends and learning more than I ever could have dreamed, it was time for Beautifully Nourished".

In Spring 2019, Beautifully Nourished launched it's first two collections; natural, organic skincare and advanced nutraceuticals designed to boost and support both mental and physical wellbeing and sustainable health.

Today, the original-online magazine-has evolved into Beautifully Nourished's daily E-Zine; The Fix.

European Sales, Catharina Banach

Catharina acts as our agent within Europe, expanding our reach and partnering with key European retailers and press. Cat's approach is niche, natural, artistic, exclusive, clean beauty.

With over ten years of experience as the managing director of the German Wellness Association and more then 20 years in the business of health and beauty, Catharina represents and manages Beautifully Nourished in German speaking countries through her agency Healthy Pleasures, extending the BN ethos and encouraging individuals to reflect, recharge and feel better.

Catharina specialises in nutraceuticals, natural supplements and beauty elixirs.

Contributing Editor, The Fix, Dr Ayesha Gulzar

Joining us in 2020 as contributing editor, Ayesha's background provides a wealth of knowledge. Working closely with Editor, Katherine, the pair write for Beautifully Nourished's daily E-Zine, The Fix. 

Ayesha is a registered pharmacist with a professional Doctor of Pharmacy degree. She began her career as a drug analyst in research and quality control within a leading pharmaceutical company and transitioned over to the health and medical communication sector in 2015. She has worked with many brands, including those in the pharmaceutical, health and wellness, nutraceutical and beauty sectors, writing and reviewing researched content.  

Assistant Marketing Executive, Stacey Allpress

Stacey is the newest edition to the Beautifully Nourished team, growing the strength and reach of our digital team.

Stacey works closely with Katherine to develop and nurture the brands digital image and footprint.

After having her daughter, Stacey trained as a birth and beyond support worker where she volunteered to support new mothers in her local community.  Stacey holds a qualification in healthcare, which she very passionate about and looks to develop during her time at Beautifully Nourished.
Stacey is currently on her own health, mind and spiritual journey and we are thrilled to  welcome Stacey to the Beautifully Nourished team.