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Beautifully Nourished

Beautifully Nourished's Mind Box, Exclusive to Selfridges

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Please see back of pack for ingredient list and allergens in bold.

How to use

Always follow the instructions on the label and do not exceed recommended dose.


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Beautifully Nourished's NEW Mind Box features premium mind health supplements that support energy, the mind, mood and cognitive function.

Did you know that our brain is a high energy organ? In only weighs 2% of our body but it consumes 25% of the nutrients that are circulating within the body!!!⁠⁠ That is why it is so important to nourish and nurture our minds and protect the health of our brain.


Selfridges Says: "Beautifully Nourished was launched to serve up simple but super nutritious blends to support from the inside out. One of the core areas of wellness that the brand focusses on is the mind—as suggests this aptly named selection box. It includes three one-month supplies of supplements to support energy, the mind, mood and cognitive function. What’s more, the product packaging is fully recyclable and its outer packaging is made from recycled materials".
ENERGISE - A unique Vitamin B Complex including Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 and B12, to reduce tiredness, increase energy levels, balance metabolism and improve mental and physical performance.
NOOTROPICS COGNITIVE ENHANCER - Gingko Biloba extract, Guarana extract, Amino Acids and Choline Bitartrate will help to boost mood and memory and relieve high levels of stress and anxiety.
5-HTP - Extracted from the seeds of the African plant, 'Griffonia Simplicifolia', Amino Acids will balance serotonin levels. Positively aid sleep and personal state of “restfulness” and “restlessness”.
The Perfect Gift for Those that Prioritise Health and Self Care.
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Simple Formulations for Outstanding Results.

"We know nourishment to come in many forms, from food to thoughts, emotions to relationships and the environment that surrounds us". With the ethos of simple beauty and effectively supporting from the inside out, Beautifully Nourished use pure, concentrated and powerful formulas to target deep within the cells for ultimate regeneration.

  • Made in England

    All of our products are and will always be, made in England, with love.

  • Recyclable

    Our product packaging is fully recyclable and our outer packaging is made from recycled materials.

  • GMP

    Our suppliers are accredited to the highest manufacturing practice. We work in sustainable craft batch production runs.

  • Net Carbon Neutral

    We are proudly net carbon neutral. We ship with net zero shipping providers within biodegradable, compostable mailer bags. Every-time we place a new mailer order, a new tree is planted. 

Simple Beauty.

Achieved and Maintained through Inner Health.