We colour and cut our hair without really knowing if our hair is healthy or not. Being able to recognise the state of our hair is an important insight not just for hair health but overall health. There are a few ways to tell if our hair is healthy by the look, the feel and how it reacts to the day to day styling and maintenance.

What is our hair appearance?

Hair growth and thickness: The most obvious way to tell the condition of our hair is by appearance. Good elasticity shows how strong our hair is, as poor elasticity can be an indication of weak hair and lead to more breakages.

Hair growth vitalizer: When we eat a balanced diet, take a supplement, take care of our scalp and minimise stress, our body will be able to grow hair as quickly as it is capable of doing.

Does our hair detangle easily? 

When we run our fingers through our hair it should not be tangled or frizzy and it should not feel dry or weak. Although anyone and everyone can be prone to tangled hair, it is likely to be a result of heat or bleach damage, dry hair, or products that contain alcohol such as hairspray and gels. 

Are we prone to split ends?

Healthy hair is not prone to breaking or fraying. If we are experiencing lots of breakage and can see split ends constantly even after a fresh trim then it is likely that our hair is lacking in moisture and elasticity.

Reasons for hair fallout

It is natural to lose some hair daily and the amount of shedding can vary from person to person. However, it is important to pay attention to the amount of excessive hair falling out when we are sleeping, showering or styling our hair. If we notice a small handful of hair fallout, then chances are our hair is healthy.

Microneedling For Hair Loss

Microneedling for hair loss treatment is where a hair care professional will run a manual or motorised device equipped with fine, tiny needles across the scalp, which will penetrate just into the upper portion of the dermis — the layer of skin where the hair follicle lies. The puncturing can help stimulate blood flow and collagen production, but more significantly, it creates "microchannels" that enable topical treatments for hair loss. 

If you're dealing with hair loss or thinning, microneedling can be an effective way of boosting the thickness. However, the treatment doesn't resolve the issue at the root of your hair loss, and microneedling will not stop the progression of it. 

Is our scalp flaking? 

Dandruff seems to be a taboo topic yet it is one of the most common scalp problems worldwide. It can kill our confidence and is not at the top of anyone's hair goals. Dandruff can be one of the most obvious signs that our scalp is not as healthy as it could be. Being able to spot split ends, dull looking hair and weakness in strands is super important in helping us to reach our hair goals but what can we do to get our hair in good health?

A whole host of things determine the state of our hair from dieting and stress to bleaching and using heat on it. Luckily, hair is the fastest growing tissue in the human body but it does also require a lot of nutrition for all that growth. One of the fundamental things we can do to reach our hair goals is to eat a balanced, and healthy diet.

It can be difficult to make sure we are getting the correct amount of nutrients daily that our hair requires to stay strong but including a supplement regularly in our diet can ensure that we are getting the nutrients needed. Especially with more of us than ever eating a vegetarian or vegan diet which may lead to a deficiency in hair healthy nutrients.

Hair Growth Supplements for Women

Will taking supplements Boost Hair Growth?

Beautifully Nourished's hair growth vitamin tablets; Repunzel, contains a blend of synergistic nutrients, which have been formulated to nourish and encourage the healthy growth of hair. Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation, alongside Biotin, Zinc, Copper and Selenium, which work together to nourish the cells that promote the healthy growth of hair #rapunzelhairgoals. 

Katherine Blake