Conscious Simplicity

Conscious Simplicity

~Let the magic unfold~

For many of us, 2020 forced us to slow down, return to ourselves and look inwards. 

Whilst this new philosophy was accidental in many cases, for 2021, conscious simplicity is being chosen for many individuals around the world.

What is Conscious Simplicity?

Essentially, it is ditching the to do lists and allowing ourselves to simply be and flow.

Did anyone else find himself or herself feeling guilty snuggling up with a blanket in front of the fireplace during so called “work time”? Same and we have to ask ourselves, why?

We have been conditioned throughout our lifetimes to be humans of doing, always seeking to complete tasks, feel the accomplishment of that task and then move on to the next task. Again, we ask ourselves, why?

What if we have been doing it a little bit, or a whole lot, wrong? What if we are here on this wonderful planet purely to experience, to feel joy, to grow, to love, to live our truth and to evolve as human beings and not human doings.

Living in a way that is consciously simple involves noticing and appreciating each present moment. When we take a step back from the repetitive thoughts in our heads, and simply observe how the universe is flowing, we are able to consciously align with that flow state and it is very interesting and even magical to see that within that state, doors open effortlessly and our wildest dreams unfold without even trying. In this state our truth is revealed to us and we are able to walk step by step on the aligned path.

One of the biggest shifts we can make for ourselves, for the people around us and for humanity, is to step into the feeling of appreciation. We are often so quick to talk of all the improvements we want, what our partners could be doing to make the relationship better and us feel better, what co-workers “should be doing”, how other people “should” be behaving. We recommend, instead consciously shifting the focus to appreciation. What things do you appreciate about your partner? What things do you appreciate about your friend, co-worker, yourself. What feels amazing in your life right now? This could be as small as the fresh water you are drinking, a warm cup of tea or the bed sheets that comfort your body at night.

Give love, unconditionally to your self. The truth of it all is that it all starts with us. The answers that we are looking for? On the inside. Want to feel more loved? Give love to yourself. Want to be abundant? You already are. Tell yourself that, feel that and be that and then watch things change and let the effortless path unfold.

When we live in a surrendered state of wellbeing, knowing that the world is ALWAYS on our side, working for us and not against us, we are able to flow with life and bloom as we were meant to bloom. 


We hope that you enjoyed your daily Wellness Fix. 
With love, Beautifully Nourished x 

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