When lockdown was initially announced, the skincare fanatics amongst us were thinking what a great opportunity for our skin to finally be glowing, dewy and acne- free. 

However, this dream didn’t seem to become a reality with many of us experiencing the problem of "lockdown skin". With lockdown restrictions easing and many of us returning to the office, there seems to be a new phenomenon on the horizon for our skin.

The ongoing global pandemic has already impacted so many elements of our daily lives, one of which involves wearing a face-mask on public transport, in shops and when in places where it is difficult to stay two metres apart from people outside of your household.

Face masks are now mandatory on public transport and this is resulting in our skin to be exposed to more bacteria. As a consequence, our skin is developing acne or “mask-ne”.  Face coverings can cause a multitude of problems for the skin, including breakouts due to a build up of oil and sebum, rashes due to friction from rubbing, acne and eczema. Wearing a mask can also lead to an accumulation of sweat, which can lead to blocked pores.

How to Care for your Skin Whilst Wearing a Face Mask

Fabric Choice

Ideally masks should be made from cotton instead of synthetic fabric, as they will feel more breathable and softer on the skin. We recommend a re-useable face mask which is better for the environment, that you should wash regularly, as it may be absorbing your skin’s natural oils which could lead to breakouts.

Simple Skincare

Here at Beautifully Nourished, we like to keep it simple. So, let's go back to basics: moisturising. Moisturising twice a day will not only keep your skin hydrated but it will also act as a barrier between your face and your mask to reduce any friction caused from wearing a face mask. Our natural Vitamin ACE Moisturiser is the perfect solution.

A powerful anti-ageing formula, filled with three essential ingredients to combat against 'maskne' and make you feel confident with beautifully nourished skin: Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E, but what exactly do these vitamins do for your skin?

Vitamin A – There is a whole array of benefits including speeding up healing time for scars and blemishes, creating a radiant complexion and also helps to reduce pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.

Vitamin C - This is an amazing antioxidant which protects the skin cells from stress-induced cellular damage.

Vitamin E – This wonderful ingredient plays an integral part in helping to prevent wrinkles, dull skin and ageing.

Limit yourself to cleansing twice a day, once in the morning and evening, as any more can lead to further dryness, irritation, and redness, especially for those with dry, sensitive or mature skin types.

Minimalist Make-Up

Face masks create a humid environment that can affect sebum production in your skin, leading to clogged pores and breakouts. If you are noticing breakouts around your nose, mouth, and chin, minimise the amount of makeup you wear, particularly heavy foundations and clumpy powders. It can get a little hot and sweaty underneath that mask so keep make up underneath the mask light and opt for breathable makeup with a water-based foundation to prevent clogging of pores. As life gets busier again, just a friendly reminder to keep yourself hydrated, moisturised and take some time for some self-care.

Katherine Blake