Beautifully Nourished's Hair, Nail & Skin Collagen Complex - 60 Tablets


Get ready to slay with the ultimate beauty trifecta.  Say goodbye to bad hair days, weak nails, and dull skin with Beautifully Nourished's Hair, Nail & Skin Collagen Complex. 

Collagen Hair Skin Nails Vitamins

Marine Collagen with Vitamin C. Perfect your skin and grow your Hair and Nails with Beautifully Nourished's Collagen Complex.

Plump, youthful-looking skin, thick hair and strong nails is easy with Beautifully Nourished's Hair, Skin and Nail Collagen Complex.

As part of your daily ingestible beauty routine, natural, hydrolysed Marine Collagen supports the natural ageing process.

Our formula will smoothe fine lines and wrinkles, increase skin firmness and enhance skin elasticity. 

*With Vitamin C, which contributes to normal collagen formation and to the normal function of skin.

Use alongside your favourite skincare products and take two tablets daily for optimal results.


Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM), Silica, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Marine Chondroitin (fish), Marine Collagen (fish)

MSM's anti inflammatory properties keep the skin calm and maintains the strong condition of the hair and nails.

Marine Chondroitin is the building block for cartridge. Supplementing can prevent cartilage breakdown and stimulate repair.

Marine Collagen improves skin texture and has the ability to increase hair and nail growth.

Vitamin C supports the synthesis of new collagen fibres, protects the cells against oxidative stress and

Silica works alongside Vitamin C to improve collagen production.

The Results?

  • Plump, youthful skin 
  • Increased collagen formation
  • Stronger Nails
  • Strengthened, thicker hair