As we prepare to see the country begin to re-open, we feel it is important to reflect on a few of the positive lessons learned over the course of 2020-2021.  Many aspects of our pre-covid culture felt hurried, fast moving and frequently draining. Whilst we very much hope that employers around the world adopt a much more flexible work routine to support the health and wellbeing of their employees, today we explore approaches to discover how to find and keep internal harmony, even when returning to old ways such as the typical 8 hour, five day a week work pattern.

Internal harmony is a decision and we are able to decide for ourselves how much inner peace we experience in our day to day life. Peace of mind isn't just a thing we stumble upon; but a way of life. There are certain ways in which we can achieve internal peace and mental satisfaction and we explore them below.

Concentrate on Our Areas of Control

When life starts to feel out of control and our minds begin to wonder about the “what if’s”, bringing our attention back to the areas of our life within our control can be a great way to re-center and re-focus our minds, bringing us back to the present moment. Our areas of control include: 

  • How we respond to challenges
  • Who we ask for help
  • When we  ask for help
  • Voicing when we need a break
  • How we act and express yourself
  • Using an “I” statement to express how we feel
  • How much exercise we do
  • Setting our boundaries
  • Respecting the personal space of others
  • Our area of focus- what we choose to give our attention to
  • How we take care of and treat our bodies
  • How we talk to ourself and others
  • Our language and choice of words
  • How often we say thank you
  • When we choose to walk away from a conversation, people and or places
  • How often we say thank you
  • What we read and what we watch
  • Our thoughts


Invest Energy in Nature

The first of us humans embraced and celebrated the natural cycles of nature and the laws of the land.  With time, some of our energising, nourishing and natural ways have been lost and replaced with microwaved popcorn and indoor treadmills.

Return to nature, connect with earth - our beautiful home -go for long strolls under the sun and breathe in the fresh air. You'll feel drastically anew contrasted with sitting indoors for 24 hours.

There's a tranquil energy connected to investing energy among feathered creatures and the trees.

Be Consistent with Yourself

Hardly anything is more depleting than carrying on with a daily routine that you weren't intended to experience - walking on a path - not aligned with inner you truth and the authentic you.

Instead live a life consistent with you, your values and qualities.

If we let it, it's all too easy to get caught up with the mass and permitting society to direct our decisions. Settle on your own choices about what's essential to you.  Live authentically and don't be afraid to lose favour with people.  When you are authentically and consistently yourself, the people and situations meant for you will be drawn to you as if magnetically - life will come with a level of ease and it will feel good. Be wild, be free, be you.

Psyche What we Eat

Sometimes we don't acknowledge how terrible we feel since we as a society have become so accustomed to feeling bad.

When we consistently eat empty calories, fried and refined foods, it decreases the general feeling of wellness. Avoid unhealthy snacking and soft drinks and instead opt for nutritious foods most of the time. Over time, and it will not take that long, energy levels will go up, along with your zest for life.

Exercise Consistently

Have you at any point noticed how incredible we feel after a workout? Thanks to those endorphins, exercise helps us to feel good, leaving us with a sense of healthy pride upon completion.  Exercise is not beneficial only to our bodies,  but also our cerebrum and clearing our minds.

Carry Out Good Things

Acts of kindness encourage us to become more mindful of others.  It feels good to do good.

Quieten The Mind through Meditation 

Mediation helps our mind to quieten. By sitting back and taking a step away from our thoughts and emotions, and instead observing them, we are often able to see things as they truly are and frequently in a way that is better than they appear. Meditation can keep our psyche from exacerbating.

Try Not to Attempt to Transform Others

Going back to the point of focusing on what we can control.  We are here to live our lives authentically and make decisions which are of the highest good for ourselves.  Others are free to do the same.  The best thing we can do for another person is to live our best life.  It encourages them to do the same, you will ALWAYS be met with ineffectiveness during attempts to control or transform another. 

Be open and honest with yourself about what you can and cannot, or rather will, or will not accept from another person. 

Eat well, work out, and be consistent with yourself. There's no compelling reason to satisfy others. Be self-assured and assume responsibility for your own life. Try not to pursue those things that society has resolved to be significant and try to avoid putting those pressures on others.

Self Analyse 

All the achievements on the planet can't bring internal harmony. Harmony is something we find inside ourselves.  It is something we choose.  We can choose to feel good and say no to things that do not enable that.

Choose for yourself and live your days as you were intended to experience. You are here to experience and be love and compassion.  Be compassionate to yourself and others.  Take time for your mind, get to know it's triggers and delay automatic reactions. Choose to avoid all the negative vibes as much as possible and live in away that honours you.  Your mind will thank you for it.  As will your body, as will your soul. 


We hope that you enjoyed your daily Mind Wellness Fix. 
With love, Beautifully Nourished x 
Dr Ayesha Gulzar, PharmD, Doctor of Pharmacy, Research and Medicine
Editor and Founder: Katherine Elyse Blake, BSC Nutrition, ANutr
Katherine Blake