Monday Morning Pick Me Up - Tapping with Founder Katherine Elyse Blake

Monday Morning Pick Me Up - Tapping with Founder Katherine Elyse Blake

Good Morning to you all,

Also known as “psychological acupressure”, “tapping” is an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) used by psychologists world over to relieve the pain of negative emotions and looping thoughts. In the way that acupuncture applies carefully placed needles to pressure points, tapping uses our fingers and has been known to reduce both anxiety and insomnia.

Let's explore the technique below:

  1. Identify something that you perceive as a problem or a worry and embed it within the following sentence “Even though I (I.E. HAVE A FEAR OF PUBLIC SPEAKING), I am worthy as I am and I fully embrace and accept myself”.
  2. Rate the intensity of the problem/ worry from 0-10. Zero being non existent, 10 being severe.
  3. Recite this phrase either out loud or in your head, whilst tapping each of the 8 meridian points on your body eight times. Your meridian points are located: on the top of the head, eyebrows, side of outer eye sockets, under each eye socket, under the nose, chin, collarbone and under your arm. 
  4. Re-rate the intensity from 0-10. If it has not reduced by at least 4 points, repeat this practice until it has.

Practice this procedure whenever troubling thoughts arise and be patient when tapping away your troubles. Repeat and deep breathe until ease arises.

Have a happy Monday,

Be well. Be free. Be Nourished

Katherine Elyse Blake

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