Within all of us, regardless of our gender resides two energies, one Masculine, one Feminine.   The Yin and the Yang.

Within each of us and within everything in the universe, there are masculine and feminine energies that move us.  The Feminine is intuitive, creative, receptive, sensual and magnetic.  The Masculine is warming and active.  These complimentary energies are all around us, in nature and have a deep source within our consciousness.  Activating the Divine Feminine qualities of love, compassion, empathy, emotional bonding, inner peace and calm, creates space for the union of subtle energies both individually and collectively. 

By reuniting and balancing the subtle energies that live within us, we ignite what we are bringing to the world, the people in the world, the planet and what is reflected back to us.

For years, the masculine energy has ruled with an over exertion of going and doing and, with a forgetfulness of how to simply be, the sacred power of The Feminine and an over focus on productivity, doing, chasing and over exertion.  High-speed ways of life have led us to loose our connection to the  sacred rhythms of the Divine Feminine, Mother Earth and Her nurturing and healing powers. Our value and sense of self are often defined incorrectly from our output and productivity and not just simply from who we are.⁠

"It is natural for these energise to live within us and I think that in this world it is obvious to all that there is an imbalance.  We can see that for so many years the Masculine within us has taken over and the need for the Feminine is imperative.  We can see it all around us.  This idea of nurturing and that gentleness, that loving and kindness that we all have within us is so important.

I know that balance will solve a lot of things that we want to change".   Alicia Keys

When our energies are off balance, we feel it.  In our bodies we may notice stress, burnout, anxiety, a need to always achieve, and, or just a general awareness that something is off.  This is our bodies way of subtly telling us that something is out of alignment, and if we don't listen, that subtle suggestion will turn into a great big and loving shove, as was in my case.

My Own Story Shared, Katherine Elyse, Beautifully Nourished

For me this experience felt like watching my body outside of myself.

By age 28 I had "achieved" the six figure salary goal through consulting and I loved it.  I love to create period, so designing products and product collections for brands, retailers and manufacturers around the world, was a dream, until it wasn't. 

Firstly, I knew that I wanted Beautifully Nourished to be born into life, but how could it be with the space already filled by 4 hour round trip commutes, 12+ hours days, roundtrip flights at the weekend, managing multiple, unrelated projects and an expectation (often placed on myself) for more, always.

In the winter of 2019, I crashed, the long work hours, the commutes, the projects, trying to fit everything and everyone in, whilst trying to make space for what I truly loved and desired (my family, Beautifully Nourished, myself) caught up with me.

From someone that prided themselves on being able to take on alot, multitask, and their mind, my body had a very different message for me. I was forced to stop and slowdown.  My imbalance presented itself as burnout and it is a feeling I will never forget.  It was like drinking 20 red bulls and being in that high alert state, being unable to switch off, sleep, relax or produce for months.   

The energy exchange for my creative gifts became unbalanced and I became unable, just paralysed in a state of shaking and an inability to no longer do.  Receiving one email would overwhelm me and I just no longer could. 

It was my Dad that noticed first and he lovingly said if I could convince you stop, I would. On one of our drives he gave the advice "I wish alongside your to-do lists and wish lists (of which I had many), that you would create a not to do list. (He was talking boundaries).

- All of which I of course ignored and kept going!  Because that's what life has taught us right? We are defined by our achievements, what we produce. But this is so wrong, we are worthy simply because of our birthright, but this is a lesson that I had not yet learned. 

Everything in my personal life was put on hold and I told myself that I would sort what needed to be sorted "when I had the time". I would leave the relationship that needing leaving months ago, when I had the time, I would see my friends, exercise, go home, get outdoors, when I had the time.  Mediation was a distant dream - who had the time for that?

For people practicing spirituality, this was undoubtably my dark night of the soul.  Characterised by PTSD, anxiety, depression and fear, everything I knew fell away.  My career, the people that I thought were my friends and my sense of self. I felt anger for the first time in my life and that anger was a blessing- it was this fire that rose up and told everything and everyone that needed to go, to get gone. 

After signing off work with burnout for some weeks, I tried to phase back, but I was just not ready and I made the decision to walk away from consulting and begin talking therapy (GAME CHANGER).

At the start of the pandemic, I was guided to leave London and return to my home town. From the moment I came home, it felt like I was wrapped in cotton wool. Returned to old friends, my family and over months, to myself.

All that was not me was cleared so that I, the true and authentic I could grow. 

I have learned that I don't have to do anything, other than be who I am. All flows to and from me from that centred and balanced state.

Today I write this, from my beautiful home overlooking the garden, surrounded by people that I love and who love me and being who I was born to be - me, creator of Beautifully Nourished, lover of life and all things.

Now, I make sure to nourish, daily, the Feminine energies within in me and I hold this space for myself and for others to do the same.

Beautifully Nourished is the space I hold for all other women to realise as I did, their sacred and Divine truth. 

How to Find Balance


When finding balance, it feels like returning home to yourself. The above visual shows perfectly the traits of both the Divine Feminine and the Divine masculine in and out of Balance.

I, like many other empaths have often been made to feel like my sensitivity is something that needs to be covered and hidden.  I used to beat myself up for being overly sensitive and overly empathetic because I was frequently told things like " you are too kind to succeed".

What I know now is this sensitivity is my gift and I now allow it to lead the way. I lead from my heart and gratefully, I always will. 

Holding the Space

I nourish and honour my Divine Feminine energies in the form of meditations, walking outside, standing still outside, returning to still, connecting with my inner guidance, listening and trusting my intuition, easing into surrender, connecting to spiritual guides, allowing what wants to flow to flow and releasing the outcome of how I think this should go.  I know when to put the gas on (allowing balanced masculine energy to flow) and when it's time for gas off (relaxing into my own space and allowing to receive).  I never chase, I have no problem saying "no-thank-you" and if I would like something, all I need to do is ask, and then give gratitude to the knowing that it is already on the way (that is a conversation for another day).

Over a period of months, of this practice, I began to see codes of light and receive subtle intuitive messages, often called clairaudience, clairvoyance and claircognizant.  My feminine gifts, that stem from a sensitivity to all energies, no longer scare me and instead instil a deep peace and trust in my intuitive, Divine Feminine nature.

I released my need to micro control and spent almost a year with myself and creating sacred union with this part of myself that I had never allowed to flow before.

In today's word, the Feminine energy is rising as our word calls for more balance.  I can feel it all around and I honour the call to start sharing my own experiences as we begin to come back into balance, to wholeness and our sacred power.


As within, so without. I wish you so well on your journeys back to yourself beloveds.  So much love and light on this May Bank Holiday,
Katherine x








Katherine Blake