Positive Self Talk, With Beautifully Nourished's Female Founder, Katherine Elyse Blake

Positive Self Talk, With Beautifully Nourished's Female Founder, Katherine Elyse Blake

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....And I highly recommend you do the same, too.  I find that there's a saying or mantra that I tend to remind myself of when I need a little motivational boost, and it's this: “I am perfect as I am” I find it helpful to remember to accept all of myself, as I would a friend, on my best, happiest days, on my down days and during my grumpy days as well.

Positive Self Talk has the ability to truly transform lives.  Whilst these subtle reprogramming acts can feel a little awkward at first, over time the subconscious will accept the new chatter as truth.  Our minds and body do not distinguish between which thought is true and what is not.  A negative thought will be accepted by the body as truth, with natural, bodily responses further anchoring the untruth as truth. 

The techniques I personally used to subtly change the chatter in my mind include: 


1. For the first weeks, maybe even months, I just observed the chatter in my mind.  Our thoughts are always ongoing, like a loop of chatter. I watched and listened to my thoughts, without judgement and I noticed that the thoughts were very repetitive. Same stories, same loop. I found it interesting and then I started thinking (ha) - well, what else would I like to think about and this is where the magic began.

The average person has 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. Of those, 80% are negative and 95% are repetitive from the previous day.

The negative self talk is so normal to us, that we don't even recognise it as that. Negative self talk isn't always obvious.  It can be subtle, like getting frustrated at yourself for getting wound up, making a mistake, having a lay in and so on...  It can also be much louder, such as "uh - I look gross in this".

Your mind and body will accept this as truth, when in fact, it is not.  It is just your own internal and conditioned dialogue. 



2. What is it that you would like to believe about yourself?  The trick that I have noticed is this:  When we have goals, often the way in which we speak to ourselves about the goals goes a little something like this:

"I want to learn a language" "I want to be a runner", "I want to lose weight" The tone of this is subtle, but it is a tone that is always in the future, ALWAYS making the thinker "a person that wants to be X".  For example, a person that “wants to quit smoking” tends to identify as a person who wishes to quit smoking and not a “non smoker” or an “ex-smoker”.

The person that wants to lose lose weight tends to identify as a person that wants to lose weight.  It's their story, their narrative and thus their reality. 

You don't need to achieve something that you already are.

In the 3 years prior to launching Beautifully Nourished, I knew exactly what I wanted to create and I frequently  told myself "I can't wait to launch my company" and the passion and excitement ran through my body and that's a great thing, but when someone asked me what I did for work I told them "I am a Product Development Consultant and one day I wish to run my own company".  Notice the "one day"/ "in the future" dialogue.

Once I noticed this, I reprogrammed.  It felt really clunky at first, but I started telling myself and describing what I do for work as" Leading Beautifully Nourished" and walla. Three months later it was done.  I walked away from consulting and "I am a Female Founder" - again, this is not someone that I needed to "become" I was already her. I just needed to bring her voice forward through the rest of the internal chatter. 


3. When your subconscious accepts the new narrative, interesting things begin to happen.  You naturally start showing up in the world in a way that is aligned to your new belief system. 

"I am a healthy person" - starts choosing healthier choices more of the time

" I am a runner " - trains

"I am a language learner" - practices

and so on.

From this moment on, now that you have observed and explored your own internal dialogue and chatter, when you notice a negative thought arise, stop it and swap it. For example, I want to look beautiful becomes "I am beautiful".  If this feels too awkward at first, simply reach for the next best feeling thought and watch what happens. 

If you don't quite yet believe me or you don't think this will work for you, just try is for 30-90 days and see what happens.

Girl, you're a god damn dime. But I can't tell you that - It is something that you need to learn to tell yourself, in your own words.

Our worlds and realities all start and end with us - it is all us. All the answers we ever need are inside and when we access that light on the inside, magical things unfold on the outside. 

By Katherine Elyse Blake, BSC Nutrition, ANutr

Founder, Beautifully Nourished .


I share my truth with the intent that my truth and experiences will support another and guide the way through the noise to stillness.  I am here to serve the female collective as a whole, with the knowing that everyone here is capable of stepping into the sacredness and the power of who we really are.  Individually and collectively, as women. 

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