The concept of the holistic prescription is, that whilst we are hearing about and focusing upon the things that we can no longer do, we sit down and write a list of the things we like to do and enjoy and start to focus less on the things that are taken away or not possible in this weather. Then, when we start to feel ourselves getting down or overwhelmed, we can simply revert to our list and pick something off of the list and make ourselves feel that little bit better.⁠

By taking a holistic approach and implementing a variety of self-care techniques, we can take the opportunity during a pandemic to work on a plan of sustainable, long term changes to improving our health and wellness. 

Ideas for the holistic prescription: 

  • Forest Walks⁠
  • Hot chocolate and marshmallows
  • Gardening⁠
  • Running⁠
  • Walking⁠
  • Time Outside⁠
  • Baking⁠
  • Movie nights with PJS ⁠
  • Candles⁠
  • Cooking
  • Audio books⁠
  • Reading and⁠
  • Meditation⁠

As the doctor might prescribe us some medicine, we can prescribe ourselves daily with activities such as exercise, aromatherapy and a consistent routine. We need to be kind to ourselves and a holistic approach is the perfect way to start.

A Daily Routine

There is much scientific research that the ritual of routine as simple as waking up at the same time every day and sleeping the same time every night can set us up for a productive and focused day as well as helping our body's digestive system. So for example in 2020, the majority of us have been working from home for a large portion of the year and we would be lying to say if some of those haven’t been pyjama days. The act of actually getting dressed in the morning can have a huge impact on our mindset for the day and help us feel better all together. Even if it is getting dressed into a matching loungewear set that is different to what we slept in.

Massage Therapy

There are many different forms of massage and these different forms suit people individually. Massage can significantly help us reduce our stress levels and generally increase our wellbeing. Holistic belief is that much of the information that we need to heal is found inside our muscles and body parts.


Not only is this essential for our physical health, especially with the lack of walking due to lockdown measures but also does wonders for our mental health. If we make an effort to try a lunch time fitness zoom class or a walk or run outside when the weather is nice this can have major benefits to our immune system.


Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment that uses plant oils and extracts to increase health and wellbeing. Using essential oils can help us to feel a sense of calm in our bodies and brains. It can be life changing for those of us who suffer from insomnia. 

Learn a new skill

Learning a new language, how to bake or even how to crochet can be great for our emotional and mental health. These new skills can become a form of self care and being able to unwind and recharge is so essential for our overall health. 


Meditation can dramatically reduce our stress and distress levels and help us to quieten the thoughts in our mind making way for clarity and calmness. Daily meditation can be spiritually and physically healing. Unsure where to start? There are so many apps now to help us get started. We love the app Meditate Access.

In summary, is self care important? Absolutely.  We must give ourselves time and permission to look after, well, us! 

Katherine Blake