There are numerous benefits to fibre which include supporting weight loss and maintenance, helping our gut health and also reducing cholesterol and blood sugar levels. The recommended intake of fibre can depend on our age and gender but we believe just being more aware of making sure to up our fibre intake, is a good place to start.

Aids Weight Management

Fibre is in a whole host of foods such as grains, fruits, vegetables, beans and nuts. Foods which are high in fibre tend to take longer to chew and therefore slow down your eating. This can help with craving or snacking between meals and helps to generally eat less throughout the day which can help to sustainable weight loss or maintenance. Whether or not weight loss is your goal, including enough fibre in your meals will help keep you satisfied and happy with your snacks and meals.

Increase Energy Levels

Why do we find it so hard to get up to do our morning workouts? Often this could be due to being low on fibre. Eating enough fibre can raise our energy levels and help us to sleep at night. If you feel an afternoon slump, a good way to combat this is to snack on fruit or nuts or add a supplement into your morning and evening routines.

Skin Health

As we all know, our diet and skin health are closely linked. Although fibre is not the most obvious for this it can in fact cause breakouts if we don't eat enough. This is because fibre allows your body to release excess toxins and can help to clear up skin. 

Fibre Supplement

In the same way that there are a whole host of benefits from eating enough fibre, not having enough can result in some bad consequences. Bad stomach issues, breakouts in our skin and feeling hungry even when we have just eaten could all be a result of this. Sometimes it is hard to know if we are getting enough fibre into our diets or not. We recommend incorporating a daily supplement which is high in fibre into our diet such as the Beautifully Nourished Fibre Pro supplement.

It has been designed to support the gut and encourage healthy digestion. Featuring Psyllium husk powder, inulin powder and probiotic Lactobacillus Acidophilus, which can help to support a healthy and balanced gut bacteria. Making sure we take a fibre supplement in the morning and evening can give peace of mind that we are doing everything we can to get enough fibre into our diet.

Katherine Blake